Author Topic: Initializing Display Parameters is Hanging  (Read 3870 times)


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Initializing Display Parameters is Hanging
« on: November 17, 2016, 06:47:41 PM »
Im running teamviewer 11 on Ubuntu 14.04.  The machine is connected via HDMI to my television for instances where I need to sign on and perform maintenance.  After a seemingly random period of time after using Teamviewer to connect from a PC laptop to the Linux box, the PC teamviewer application fails to connect getting stuck on Initializing Display Parameters.   If I wiggle the mouse on the Linux box this goes away.  I thought it was a case of the computer going to sleep so I disabled that and it hasn't made a difference.   The Teamviewer app will work for two weeks sometimes before doing this or it might crap out after a few hours. I haven't been able to ID what might be causing this or how to correct it.  Any advice or suggestions you might have would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.