Author Topic: Need help reading teamviewer 12 log file for instance of remote access  (Read 1070 times)


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Hello all,
My computer was a little funny this morning, in that some things was missing from my desktop that was there yesterday. I recently changed jobs but got to keep my old computer. At the new job underneath my new windows users profile I have not even once signed into teamviewer so I assume I am safe from somebody signing into my teamviewer on this machine and remotely controlling. .
I have found where the connections log file should be at and under this windows user account no connection file exists, which sounds correct to me, i guess? The connectin file does exist under my old windows login user account and it shows only my old teamviewer connections from months ago.

I also found the log file for teamviewer 12 under this windows account too, but it is hard for me to read and understand it.

Can somebody help me understand what to look for in a teamviewer 12 log file to see if anybody has accessed teamviewer remotely on my computer since that the connection log file doesn't exist?


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Re: Need help reading teamviewer 12 log file for instance of remote access
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search for the word "incoming" 
All the occurences of the word in the log that I have found related to incoming connections. You will be able to see when incoming connections occurred and you will get a machine name in messages nearby.  But not an ip address or anything else valuable.