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DNS lookup error
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:48:17 AM »
I am running a Win7 64 bit PC and trying to connect to a vendor with a license to TeamViewer so they can remote access my PC to conduct a software upgrade.  I am also at both a government and educational institution which is complicating the issue.

My PC does not normally have any internet access and sits on a private network. The PC has no virus protection and is essentially a very bare lab machine that only runs vendor software.  I have connected a USB WiFi antennae temporarily to the PC for the sole purpose of connecting to the vendor for a software update.  The WiFi works fine and can connect to our guest WiFi account (with only browser login security) or my phone as a mobile hotspot.

My PC does have internet access through the guest WiFi account at our location.  The vendor has given me an executable that tries to connect to TeamViewr and will produce a ID and password on my end that I think then allows the vendor to access my PC.  Nothing I am doing has any sensitivity.  I am just trying to work through our draconian IT policies.

I have talked to my IT Department and they believe the problem is DNS related.  My connection is setup for DHCP and our domain has an internal DNS lookup table rather than an external DNS lookup table (this part is beyond me but is what my trusted IT guys are saying).  When I run the executable I get "Not ready.  Pleae check your connection". 

It is definitely not a proxy issue as we use no proxy but what we believe is happening is TeamViewer is trying to look up my DNS and does not get a valid DNS since my DNS is internal.  I believe this is true because if I setup my phone as a WiFi hotspot (using my cell service) the executable runs fine because my phone is giving an internet based DNS based on my cell phone.  One solution is take the PC home and use my home network and that is actually a possibility but the PC is not easy to move and there are some complications.

Although it may sound like it, nothing here is illegal, proprietary, or classified.  I am just forced to work with extreme IT rules at times even when using my institution's "guest" network. 

I found an article that had some edits to my hosts file that looked promising but it still did not work.

Any ideas??
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