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Title: Why no dual monitors Mac----->Windows???
Post by: agray34 on March 04, 2013, 10:49:11 AM
I have Teamviewer 8 installed on a Windows XP machine and also on a Macbook Pro. When I try to connect from my MacBook to my Windows XP machine, I do not have the ability to display dual monitors on the client machine.

I saw many users post the following instructions:
Select View >> Active monitor >> Pop out monitiors as individual windows

I do not have the option "pop out monitors as individual windows" in the toolbar on my client machine.

How can I enable this? It would be greatly beneficial if I could view my remote dual monitors on my client machine dual monitors...

Title: Re: Why no dual monitors Mac----->Windows???
Post by: Phred on March 25, 2013, 03:50:26 AM
The simple answer would be to dump your Mac, awkward, 10% machine that it is...

However, Tv8 and its dual-monitor capability leave something to be desired - Tv7 was coping with dual monitor popout on my collection of Windows and Android machines - until with Tv8, and when trying it normally from my Android tablet, everything went haywire: frozen screens, blank images, no monitor swapping.  A dud.

In addition, Tv now seems to have forgotten to respect where I put my program windows.  When I open an email message, for instance, from my secondary monitor where Outlook lies, it would normally open in the middle of my primary screen.  Doing that via Tv, Tv now opens the message in the same, secondary screen.  Disrespect.  Others.

I have Tv7 and Tv8 both installed now and I use Tv8 only when I must.  Maybe someone could report on the latest version of 8 and its full dual monitor capability; and its workability from Android.