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Title: TV9 rpm on centOS 6.5 32-bit - no .Xauthority file found
Post by: brcisna on February 23, 2014, 12:33:28 PM
Hello All,

fresh install of CentOS 6.5 32-bit. Install TV9 rpm.
When launching TV9 from the Applications menu or from terminal the GUI briefly shows then closes.
In the TV logs I am seeing "Could not open Xauthority file located at /var/lib/gdm/.Xauthority"
When looking in this directory there is an .ICEauthority file but no. Xauthority file.

The. Xauthority file does exist in my ~/home/ folder just for completeness.

Is there some place in one of the TV9 config fiiles to edit to reflect the ICEauthority file rather than Xauthority?
Also this is being run on a thin client machine which the TV9 program is actually running on the sevrer itself,so is somewhat a one off, configuration.

Sidenote: the TV9 tar.gz file will work fine.
Would like to get the rpm,version to work as expected,though.

Thank You,