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Title: TV 9 on Linux Mint 17 not working
Post by: Davel23 on June 13, 2014, 07:14:51 AM
I've installed TV 9 on a fresh Linux Mint 17 install, and it's not working.  I'm able to open the interface and log into my account, configure unattended access, and the machine shows up in my Computers & Contacts list.  If I try to connect though, I get the Mint login screen, then enter my password and the window goes black.  It sits for a few seconds then I get a window saying the connection is lost and it's attempting to reconnect.  A few seconds after that the session disconnects and the machine is listed as offline in Computers & Contacts.  If I reboot the machine it reappears online, until I try to connect again.  Any suggestions?