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Permanent Access on Mac


I am an unpaid user trying to gain access to my remote Mac, via iPad, when out of the house.
I see the "configure permanent access" option described in the PDF, but this is not available on the Mac.
So going through prefs I was able to assign a permanent password.

Here's the issue - after making a connection, the "thank you" message comes up, and a new connection can't be established till that's cleared. But with that message up, a new session can't be established.  The defeats the purpose I intended for this software. Anyone else using this on a Mac? I'm the first Mac post here.

I think you must be using the QuickSupport rather than the full TeamViewer app. The main app has a permanent password option in the preferences.

Visit here and choose to start the Full Version.

Any more queries just ask: I have been using it on the Mac for 18 months or so.



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