Author Topic: Teamviewer 6 doesn't transfer folders  (Read 5330 times)


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Teamviewer 6 doesn't transfer folders
« on: January 17, 2012, 03:55:21 AM »
Hi, I've got teamviewer 6 installed on ubuntu 10.04 on both machines, and everything works like a charm except when it comes to transfer folders. When I try to do so, it appears a window with this message:

"The file "\home\pedro\workspace\e\SfMRovio\" could not be opened for write access.

Error: (3) Path not found"

What happens is that it creates the folder "e" which appears in the path between  "workspace" and "SfMRovio", and logically, that path is wrong. I have tried creating the folder "e", but it keeps creating fictitious folders. I've tried changing the permissions, but it didn't work.
This happens regardless the direction of the transfer is. With files it works though.

Any help will be welcome.