Author Topic: Could not connect to partner PC  (Read 3943 times)


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Could not connect to partner PC
« on: September 04, 2012, 11:47:41 PM »
Both computers running Windows 7 and both using Teamviewer v7 (my laptop has the latest one 7.0.14484, my mom's desktop has the previous one  7.0.13989).

I could not reach the partner computer (my mom's pc) because of this issue and my mom is out for a week.
This issue occurred the first time a week ago. After my mom restarted her computer I was able to connect to it, but a few hours laterit failed again.
I have tried from another computer to connect to it without success.
My steps:
1. go and input partner ID and select Remote desktop option
2. hit the "Connect to partner" button
3. input password
The TeamViewer window minimize,
Then after about a minute it displays the pop up "This was a free session ...." and drops back to ready to connect.
The other pc is online (I could see it on Skype).

Any sugestions?
Thank you,