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Rollback Framework Error

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I am not able to install version 8 of TeamViewer cause I get a message during installation that says "Error: Rollback framework could not be initialized. Installation aborted!"

I checked the registry settings and there are no settings there to 'DisableRollback' so not sure what could be causing this.

Same problem here.  Migrating to a Win 7 machine.  TeamViewer installed fine on a Vista machine.

Any help?

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling

Can't uninstall and reinstall - TeamViewer won't install the very first time.

Sorry, I thought you said that you were upgrading your machine to Windows 7...

Right click the TV installer, and select 'run as administrator'
(I think that this is a DotNET issue - if the 'run as administrator' doesn't work, report back with which versions of DotNET are installed on this computer)


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