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Control the scroll speed on remote Mac?

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When I use my Apple Magic Mouse to scrolls through a long Finder window, iTunes or anything else within the OS that requires me to scroll, rather than scrolling just a little ways down through the content of the window, TeamViewer scrolls all the way to the bottom. So, say I'm scrolling through a list of movies (list view) in iTunes and that list takes up 4 windows worth of spaceā€”if I try and scroll down to part of the list that's just off the bottom of the window, TeamViewer ends up scrolling all the way to the bottom of the list.

Is there any way to fine-tune the scrolling within TeamViewer?


I have the same concern/issue. is there any info on this?

Big bump on this - scrolling with the magic mouse basically goes from top to bottom and no in between - very frustrating!

Any ideas or solutions?


Yea we need help here. The scrolling while using a Mac and connected to a Mac is not usable.

Top..scroll..scroll.. then it just scrolls to the bottom.

Please fix. Great tool otherwise.

What alternative apps are folks using while you wait for the bug fix? It seems this bug has been around for at least 8 months.


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