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I don't understand
« on: June 06, 2014, 02:18:51 PM »

I'll need help on this because I don't understand a thing.

I had a iMac which teamviewer was installed on it. This computer was power off for three months. Then I formatted the hard drive and installed Mac OS again to have a clean install. Then I sold it to someone (I don't know him).

I didn't remove the computer from the list of devices in my team viewer account. Now to my surprise, yesterday the machine was ONLINE in my teamviewer list ! So I changed my password to be sure. And today, ONLINE again ! How can that be ?

One thing I noticed is that when a device is offline, you can see since when it was offline. All my "legit" devices have the correct time. But for this device, when it goes offline again, the last seen timer IS three months (like it should, remember it was power off for three months). It's like it's still linked but at the same time some infos aren't correct.

I can't believe this person have crack my passwords two times in less than 24 hours !

Obvisouly, when I try to connect to this machine, there is a password and don't know what is it.

The only way this could happened is that he use an application like "undelete" to recover the config file of teamviewer (and had the luck that these sectors weren't overwritten) but I find this very unlikely.

Anyone on this ? I'm kind of confuse right now. I have shutdown all teamviewer devices in the mean time.

Thanks !


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Re: I don't understand
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2014, 06:42:49 PM »
Teamviewer will normally issue the same ID on the same hardware, even after a reformat.

I doubt that the new owner of this computer has 'cracked your password'. More likely that they just installed TeamViewer and have the same teamviewer ID as before.

Your computers and contacts list, is just a list of teamviewer IDs that you have added. You can remove it from your TeamViewer computers and contacts list.

Just because it was in this list, doesn't mean that they can log into you computer.
I have dozens of computers on my list in 'contacts and computers', in groups of which business they belong to. These businesses are my 'clients'. At no point in time can any of these computers see each other's name, nor can they log into each others or my computer. I however can log into their computers easily by selecting them from the list of computers or contacts.

I don't think anything untoward has happened in your case.


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Re: I don't understand
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2014, 08:52:30 PM »
ha that explain it !

Thank you for your answer ! I'm relieved !

thanks again !