Author Topic: this is how to COMPLETELY uninstall TeamViewer  (Read 4277 times)


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this is how to COMPLETELY uninstall TeamViewer
« on: December 10, 2014, 06:39:53 PM »
In the thread below, I wrestled with reinstalling TeamViewer. I wanted to put a separate post here, under a more conspicuous title, about THE FIX.

I was having serious problems downgrading to TV9 when I unsuccessfully tried to upgrade to TV10 (on my 10.6.8 machine, which, it turns out, is a system that won't handle TV10). I would load TV9 back up, and it would refuse to launch, or lock up when I was setting prefs. I put in a ticket to TeamViewer support, and they promptly answered with THE FIX. It's all about doing a FULL uninstall of TV before you load it back up. Here's how you do it.

There are TV-created files all over the place, (including buried in the System folder) and you have to get rid of them. You find them with the handy free (shareware) "AppCleaner" by Freemacsoft. You launch AppCleaner, select Applications, and check the TeamViewer box. It will find all the TV-created files and offer to delete them. Do that. Then reboot, and reload TV, ideally from the TV support site. I think if you log into your TV account, it will get all your prefs set back properly. Then you're done. AppCleaner very handily identifies all TV-created files, and not files you created that happen to have TeamViewer in the name (like, for example TeamViewer-instructions.pdf). This was a lot easier than I (perhaps naively) thought it would be.

I should say that I've been using TV long enough that standard upgrades are easy, and apparently don't involve all this c*ap, but if you want to do something slightly nonstandard, it gets harder.
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