Author Topic: Quick Support for IOS - what a disappointment  (Read 2251 times)


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Quick Support for IOS - what a disappointment
« on: January 24, 2015, 08:49:09 AM »
I was so excited to try the Quick Support app for IOS. Finally I can help my mom with her iPhone remotely.

Then I tried it. It has two MAJOR flaws that make using the app frustrating and problematic:

1. The IOS app keeps shutting down. It warns the phone's user with giving a "quit or continue?" choice. It just shuts down so one has to keep having the iPhone user restart the app.

2. One has to keep asking the iPhone user to keep taking screenshots. Why is there no an option for the iPhone user to grant permission for the remote assistant to take screenshots remotely?

This app could be a great help with remote assistant. It ends up being no better than plain old telephone support.

As it is it's useless.