Author Topic: PWs won't work w/ iPhone connecting to Macbook Pro, but connects with HP LT  (Read 2232 times)


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Hi Folks,

Trying to get connected to our MBP from my iPhone 5s, but can't get past the PW, and have tried every possibility.

OTOH was able to connect to the MBP from our HP Laptop using a PW that wasn't the one I thought we'd set up for TV, but accepted the one used for normal log in to the computer.  Reckon I forgot the TV protocol for PWs, and was used to LogMeIn where the PWs were LMI specific IIRC. The PW that works through the HP does not work trying to connect from the iPhone.

In addition, I can connect from the iPhone to the HP LT without entering any PW, so I presume it that case we've set it to 'save' the PW, although that's not our usual choice with any such apps.

What is the best way to either retrieve the PW needed to get connected to the MBP from the iPhone, or change it? I've looked at the management console online but it's not apparent that one can change the PWs there, am I missing something?  Should we delete the TV app from the MBP, and reinstall, or??  Rather not have to go thru that, but if it's the only way reckon we're stuck with it.

As an aside I've looked for selecting an option of email notification of replies, or new posts to threads I've started or posted to, but can't find where one can select that.  Is it automatic, not available, or am I overlooking where that is located.