Author Topic: TeamViewer ID Changes After Every Reboot  (Read 4685 times)


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TeamViewer ID Changes After Every Reboot
« on: August 21, 2015, 11:30:15 AM »
Just moved from Windows.  Finally got TeamViewer 10 working on my Debain Jessie Gnome x64 desktop for the most part.  Every time the computer is powered down and/or restarted, the ID changes.  I've never had an ID change unless TeamViewer was reinstalled.  The only way to keep it from changing is to suspend Debian until the next time I use the computer.  I have no reason to leave the computer on at all times. 

Also, I have "Computers & Contacts" to keep me signed in.  It signs me out every time also.

I have a Debian Jessie XFCE x86 desktop that I made for a friend and TeamViewer pretty much works as advertised.  Any suggestions or similar occurrences?