Author Topic: Teamviewer on Ubuntu 14.04.3 - Desktop Remote Screen not Refreshing  (Read 4926 times)


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Ok folks....what happened here.....I hate being ta a stand still on a fresh build.

Fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04.3
Fresh install of latest Teamviewer from Ubuntu Repository.

Updated teamviewr on Windows 10 and 7 desktops.

Team viewer appears to be operating correctly on all above systems.

Open teamviewer and log in from either windows 7 or 10 computer.

Can see Ubuntu system, but apparently all I am getting is a starting screen capture.
No direct return on input, Teamviewer is not updating/refreshing.

I can open a program by clicking on it in teamviewer. On Ubuntu it shows that the program is open, but not seeing this in teamviewer on Windows end.

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Re: Teamviewer on Ubuntu 14.04.3 - Desktop Remote Screen not Refreshing
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I have the exact same problem. On the client side I used windows, android and linux. Same problem.
It used to work but after updating the system it did not work anymore.

Anyway, somehow I decided to disable "Desktop Effects" in System Settings which uses opengl to animate window transitions. Now Teamviewer works again!
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