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Hello All... I am new to TeamViewer. 
I used TeamViewer yesterday for the first time to transfer some videos from my smart phone to my Laptop (Remote computer).  I used 3G connection for my Smart phone and 4G connection in my Laptop. 
I used the following method for transferring the videos from smart phone to Laptop-
Firstly I opened Gallary in Laptop to view the list of videos in Smart phone (Memory card). Then I copied 3 videos in smart phone from Laptop totalling about 500 MB. After that I paste all those files to D:\ drive in laptop. 
Thereafter, I checked the data usage.  I found that 4G connection (for laptop) showed 500 MB as downloaded data and surprisingly, 3G connection (in mobile) showed 500 MB as uploaded data.
My questions are-
1.   Why there were two sided data charges (upload and download)?  Since I operate Copy and Paste function entirely from my laptop, the data should be charged (as Downloaded data) at Laptop (4G connection) only.  Then why the upload charge is also deducted from the 3G connection (at mobile)?  I did not perform any task (copy/ paste/ send etc.) from my mobile to send any data. Hence why the two way charges (upload+ download) from each of the devices is deducted for transferring data of 500 MB.  Does it mean that I will be charged 1000 MB (upload and download of 500 MB each) for transferring 500 MB data from Smart phone to Laptop (Remote computer)?
2.   Alternatively, if I send any video of 500 MB from my Smart phone to Laptop using Smart phone then shall I be charged 500 MB for downloading data charges at my Laptop? In this case, Uploading data charges is OK (since I am sending from smart phone) but whether there will be any downloaded data charges at the Laptop (only receiving the data, no task is performed) end?
3.   Moreover, If I watch any Video (size 200 MB- saved in Smart phone) from Laptop,  will there also be both sided data charges for watching video (means 200 MB upload and download each at Smart phone and Laptop respectively)?
  Is the same happening to all?   Kindly reply... Waiting for your valuable replies.....Thanx in advance...
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this is not a teamviewer caused issue form what i can tell.
You are uploading on one side and using data a channel
and downloading on the other, using a data channel.
you are charged for that data transfer. seems "normal".

It take bandwidth to upload the video, it takes bandwidth to download the video, hence the charge on each side

its not about what function/program you use to transfer, it is about transfer of data

makes sense to me
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