Author Topic: TeamViewer for Raspberry Pi / Raspbian - Set up Unattended or a static Password  (Read 10820 times)


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Hi All,

I have just installed TeamViewer onto my Raspberry Pi 3 via the debian package downloaded from the TV website.

Im just wondering if anyone knows how to setup unattended access to this TeamViewer Client?
Or alternatively, a static password, so I can always access the Pi, when no one is there.

I have been poking around and I am aware of some configuration save files:

And another in the /opt/teamviewer/config directory.

As there doesnt seem to be any kind of configuration options available for this TV Host software, I was wondering if it would be possible to add your own configuration settings the above files and kind-of force TV to run in Unattended Access mode?
(I have noted that in the /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/teamviewer-config directory there is an executable that I can not get to run, I was hoping this would of been a GUI to the client.conf file I am looking ot manually edit).

Does anyone have Unattended access working on Linux / Ubuntu etc...
Do you have a client.conf file you can share that may show unattended access as enabled? If so, care to share it (removing passwords / ID's etc..)

Alternatively, I guess it would be possible to just use the same password, so is there a setting to keep the same password, even when you exit out of the TV client software?

Many thanks and regards.

PS: Raspberry Pi TeamViewer Download Link found here:


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teamviewer help
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teamviewer passwd [PASSWD]           Set a password (useful when installing remote (ssh).