Author Topic: remote control- Iphone to WIndows 7- session disconnect/costing to much energy  (Read 2063 times)


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i want to control my PC with my cellphone because i dont want to buy a wireless mouse to control my PC when i lying in my bed and cant reach my actual mouse and keyboard. teamviewer should work in that case but due the fact that teamviewer needs ALOT of energy my cellphone gets empty really quick. If i try to turn of the screen of my phone to safe some energy, teamviewer automatically stop running after a couple minutes. charging doesnt help because my hone will get really hot and i afraid it will get some serious damage if i'd continue it. i also cant reconnect to teamviewer without manually closing the "this was a free session sponsored by..."-window at my TV screen with my actual mouse at my local computer.

so how do i solve this problem? do i really need a licence? just on my computer or on my cellphone too?