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Daisy chained monitors not blacking out
« on: January 13, 2017, 10:49:07 AM »
I currently have a laptop docking setup that involves 3 monitors in a daisy chain setup and a 4th using USB3 to display. Whenever I activate the blackout option, my screens do not blackout, though it indicates they are. I've verified drivers are up to date and everything looks like it should work. Each monitor is connected to the previous using DP 1.2 setting and a micro display to display port cable. Unfortunately, I am unable to get the monitors to go dark. With the daisy chain setup, if I power my monitors off, I'll lose my ability to use multiple monitor option on teamviewer.

A little more in depth explanation for this is, I'm currently using a Dell e5570 utilizing an Intel HD 520 and Radeon R7 M360. Im connected to a dell laptop dock with a display port connected to my first dell U2414H monitor. From there I use a display port(out) to mini display(in) to my second monitor utilizing dells DP1.2 daisychain ability. I then connect my third monitor in a similar fashion to the second monitor. My 4th monitor, a Dell U2415, utilizes a USB3 to Displayport adaptor that connects into a USB3 slot on the dock.

With this setup, I cannot blackout my screens. I know my setup may be fairly unique, but I'd like to know if others have run into similar issues, or maybe there is a fix.

My old setup used an older dell laptop and a couple creative connections using a dock to get three monitors up and they worked just fine. I think it may be related to the daisy chain setup.