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Teamviewer logs out my OS X session


I'm running OS X 10.12.5 and Teamviewer 12.0.75813. Whenever I disconnect my Teamviewer session, my OS X session gets logged out. I've searched for an option that controls this, with no luck, and it did not happen in the past. Any suggestions on how I can have my host stay logged in?

Well, if you have Teamviewer set to "Lock on Session End" that's what it will do. Teamviewer sometimes decides to set this, and it really isn't clear why.

On the TV control bar at top, pull down "Actions", and click over to "Lock Computer". You'll probably see that "Lock on Session End" is checked. Uncheck it. That will fix it.

You can actually see whether that is checked just by looking at the control bar. The X at left will have a padlock attached to it if "Lock on Session End" is enabled.

@Danl, yes I did have that lock option set and I cleared the checkmark. Unfortunately the host iMac still logs out when I disconnect from another Mac or iPhone...

Received the solution from the Apple forums. Delete com.teamviewer.teamviewer.preferences.plist from the ~/library/preferences folder on the HOST machine and reboot... that solved it for me!


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