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Never been a commercial user...but....
« on: May 08, 2019, 09:52:31 AM »
I am a regular T.V user , but only for home purposes.
I have 3 laptops at home(diff. floors) and I communicate with them regularly rather than climbing up or down the stairs ( ha ha ....I am lazy)
each time I start T.V, it 'thinks' I am using it commercially and warns me.
No damage done, after the warning I can just go ahead and do my stuff.
I also have my work PC  ON (24X 7) , and at times I use it to get reminders and stuff like that (No actual work, but just reminders, or interesting internet links)

Issue is, I am NOT using it for commercial benefits at all !
But T.V does not understand that and 'assumes' I am. so each time, I get presented a pop-up where the A.I thinks it's right.
as stated, no damage done , I can go through and do all my stuff.
But I am in Love with T.V (aaaaaarggh ... ;)) , I also remember having a chat with it's owner a long time ago when half of the planet did not know what T.V was.
I used T.V at that time to converse with  my parents and take care of their PC remotely . (Yes I am an obideient son too......ha ha)

I had explained my 'Issue' to the owner then , I think it was 2006-2007 ..I could be wrong here, and the owner had explained, if its your parents you want to help, go ahead.

anyway cut a long story short...T.V assumes I use T.V for commercial purposes, while I know I dont
I dont mind at all paying T.V for all the fun I have had all these years....but how do I repay them without going into complex licensing Issues, because I am NOT a commercial user of T.V.
Neither am I a millionaire...just a Family man with a salary But I understand that T.V is not the Red Cross neither the U.N (running on charity)

I want to let T.V know I am an ardent Fan , want to pay for the Gratitude I owe them but do not want to get into complex licensing Issues because I use it only for Family purposes( while the AI thinks I am not)

at the end of the day, Maybe I shouldn't be here at all !
but that chat with the owner some 15 yrs. back ...when T.V was not the T.V is today  , who allowed a son to help his parents , has brought me here after all these years to vent it like it is.
I want to pay , but a token ammount to T.V .
so how do we go from here ?
or shall I keep my mouth shut and just carry on the way it is  :)


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Never been a commercial user but
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2019, 04:54:55 AM »
cons are fun, the only thing you might hate is the waiting and the lines, and occasional smells

the volunteers can sometimes be jerks

but its experience you shall never forget