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Is there a way to not have the teamviewer icon in the dock?

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I do want it always running, but I'd rather not see it in the dock. Is this possible?

I don't believe so (and to do so may well be considered illegal in some situations)

What happens when you run unattended access?

How would it be illegal? In Windows, it doesn't appear in the taskbar unless a TeamViewer window is open. It's only in the system tray. On OSX, it shows up in both the menu bar (sort of the Mac equivalent of the system tray) AND in the dock, even when there are no TeamViewer windows open. Plenty of other apps that run in the background only show up in the menu bar, and some of them give you the option to show the dock icon or not. Hiding the icon wouldn't have to be the default behavior.

I would very much like to hide TeamViewer from the dock as well. The system tray icon should be enough, and would mirror the Windows version. It is so obnoxious taking up a large portion of the dock when all we want is unattended access.

Hi all,

Is there an option, on OS X you can hide any dock icon as you can see here
There was an app for that too, actually appears to be discontinued, but you can found it here
Hopefully Teamviewer has a settings access from tray-icon, the bad thing of hide dock icons is that also hide the menu bar options...

Hope it helps

Jose M.


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