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OK, I log onto TV, and I get the "COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED" pane, saying that I'm going to be allowed only 5 minutes of connect time. WTF? I am not doing commercial use with it, and I am not even affiliated with a commercial outfit. In my many years of using TB, I have NEVER seen this message. Not doing anything different now. I rebooted, and looked for malware. Nothing found. No applications running except for TV. No change. I log on to a remote machine of a relative every few days for a few minutes. Hardly ever transferring any files, and if so, they are small.

Selecting MORE INFO doesn't get me any more info. It just connects me to the remote machine.

What's going on???

I realize lots of people have this problem, but I've managed to avoid it so far.

Using another machine on my network, everything works fine.

OK, it's bye-bye time for Teamviewer. It was nice while it lasted. Chrome Remote Desktop and AnyDesk (coupled with Dropbox for file transfer) are sweet. I'm not going to waste my time recommending TV to anyone.


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