Author Topic: Trying to share groups based on Active Directory group membership  (Read 1507 times)


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I would like to have two Active Directory groups that will decide what TV groups are shared to them. I'm currently using AD, running the canned VB script and using the MSI. Currently the MSI is determining the group.

Does anyone know a way to modify the VB script so I can simply change the AD Membership group it looks (the easy part) at and have it share TV groups that I decide to those users.

I'm trying to have a technician group that can see our customers and a groups that can't see our customers group. I'd like to drop some users in the TVtech group and some in the TVnonTech group and have it share the appropriate groups within TV.

Any ideas, help or additional VB I can add to the canned script. I seen in the API book how to "PUT" one user but I don't know VB well enough to create loops or grab from a list or any of that.

Thank you!!