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My Teamviewer Account was Hacked!!

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Hello all,

Protecting your personal data is at the very core of everything we do. As you may already know, there have been unprecedented large scale data thefts on popular social media platforms and other web service providers.
Unfortunately, credentials stolen in these external breaches have been used to access TeamViewer accounts. We are appalled by the behavior of these cyber criminals.

It is important to underscore that TeamViewer account authentication uses the Secure Remote Password protocol, and therefore does not store any password-equivalent data. Please find more information on this matter in our official statement:

If you need further assistance setting up Two-Factor-Authentication please see our FAQ ( as well as for limiting inbound access ( to your PC.

Best regards,
Fabian – TeamViewer

Many of these people are yelling at Teamviewer and blaming them but most of them have just joined the mass hysteria. Engaging the brain helps people take responsibility for their own actions in this situation, thus learning something in the process.

Does anyone know how someone from China cracks a password like this used on your Teamviewer account?

The answer is that they dont have to. They dont need any systems at Teamviewer other than logging into your account at the end of the process.

They obtain user information from any of the hacks in the past few years, Sony was very seriously hacked for example. Then many companies were hacked to prove a point, protect your customers data better. Nothing really changed. That information is bought and sold on a daily basis.

The hackers visit your email service and log-in. Perhaps using a webmail service if you're using Pop3 or Imap email. Your secret question is available too, this was used in the celebrity scandal to access naked pictures of celebrities. Apple only had one method of authentication in place and celebrities aren't very clever.

Some services have a way to recover your account using the "I dont have access to my email address" prompt others will let you supply information. Some services like Hotmail have flaws in their warnings to customers.

I'm getting off-track, anyway. They gain access to the email account. The settings are changed to redirect your email (Most services like Gmail can do this yet it wouldn't be readily obvious) directing all valid email traffic to another Pop3/Imap/Exchange server in China or somewhere inbetween. You stop getting your emails. People have reported that their emails were all forwarded to a dummy account and then the settings were changed, prior to their money being stolen and spent.

The hackers then go to all of the websites and see if you have accounts through the password reset prompts. They get all of those emails and simply reset your passwords, you're not being notified about any of it.

Unless you've strictly configured Teamviewer locally, if you're using the easy-connect system Teamviewer provides, they have everything they need to access your computer.

My advice is to be careful. If you're affected by this, first make sure you're not infected by anything installed via Teamviewer. Then change all of your passwords and check your email settings are correct.

Sorry but additionally,

When people try to claim their Teamviewer account back through the compromised email address, The Teamviewer account is reset, but, the reset email is delivered in Chinese language. Teamviewer is sending out emails to those with compromised accounts, that's not going to fix all of this.

I've seen the IP addresses posted and nobody is really surprised, they're pretty much the same as the people that call you trying to have you install remote administration software on your computer. I guess they realised they could do better and skip the calls.


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