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My Teamviewer Account was Hacked!!

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--- Quote from: asbjorn on March 26, 2016, 04:59:24 AM ---Same here!

I was sitting near my computer and then suddenlig someone was logged inn trough TeamView in my name. I checked the log-file and found this IP in the log:
"2016/03/26 11:52:52.144  2708  3108 S0   UDP: punch received a="

"inetnum: -
netname:        CHINANET-GX
descr:          China Telecom"

So someone has somehow got access to my account. I have changed the password now on, but I would like to have a better security solution. I think the security around TeamViewer is not good enough when this is possible.

--- End quote ---

Please post this to the teamviewer Facebook page and open a support ticket

And when you get back into your account enable "Two Factor Authentication".
I had something similar happen to me last year. Someone logged into my teamviewer account and was connecting to remote machines on my list. Since enabling two factor authentication I've had no reports of it happening.
You can enable two factor authentication from the teamviewer website. Login, edit your profile and you'll see it right there. I use the google tolken generator and keep the generator on my phone.
WARNING: You will be given a link to disable the two factor authentication in case your phone is lost, stolen, ect, you need to save this link. I personally put it in a txt file with the rest of my software keys in case I need to use it, and I have used it once. You do not want to loose this link that you are given when it is activated.


im in the same boat now.

my account was hacked into by someone from china and a large amount of money paid out of paypal.

paypal will not approve the dispute because they cant find any information leading to it being hacked.

i have sent an email to teamviewer support with logfiles and hopefully they come back with some positive news that i can send to paypal to show them it wasnt me

I was hacked as well.  Using multi-factor authentication now.

Kadeschs - you might want to consider reformatting your hard drive. For all you know, when they were visiting you, they installed a key logger, so you may have only felt the beginning of the pain they are about to cause you.

I uninstalled TeamViewer, and reformatted my hard drive, and changed every password I have -- and I am still uncomfortable. I have no idea how much of my personal data they got away with.

I have no idea how long they were free to leisurely browse around my laptop, undetected, before I discovered them.  It could have been hours.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg as far as I am concerned.

While TeamViewer personnel chase their tails trying to clear the diversionary smokescreen that the hackers threw at them (DOS against their DNS) and NOT address the REAL issue which is that there is some sort of SERIOUS security breach, all of their customers are being ripped off and the best TeamViewer can do is deny everything.

What a sad day this is.


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