Author Topic: Better Synchronization Between TV Manager & TV Online Management Console  (Read 5128 times)


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When I isntalled TeamViewer Manager, I'd hope I'd be able to login to my account/sync with the TV Manager with my online account, and import all the workstations & the groups into TV Manager. However it seems impossible, when I open TV Manager, it says "Your TeamViewer account belongs to a company profile. Therefore you can not synchronise your compuiters & contacts with TeamViwer Manager". It seems I can only export from TV Manager into the online management console, but not the other way.

Very odd, seems a bit disjointed to have 2 Management offerings which don't work well together! What I'd like to see, is the possibility to sync, or login to the online management console from the TV Manager App. There should be an option in the menu to join/login to company profile. It should then show you all the online groups & clients in the left hand list. Maybe even view & edit the TV Policies from the app as well.


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So why are you using the local TV Manager?
Do you have it set to use a common database for multiple users, or are these individual setups?

Have you tried using 'computers and contacts' to access remote machines?