Author Topic: Accurate online and offline times in TeamViewer console  (Read 6723 times)


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Accurate online and offline times in TeamViewer console
« on: August 24, 2016, 02:52:08 AM »
Are there any plans to make the online and offline information more precise in the Management Console? 

As well as Teamviewer I also use Logmein, solely for the reason that their management console gives exact times of when units come online and go offline.  The major benefit is that users can quickly identify any issues by sorting the list by 'last online', which is especially helpful when there's a lot of units linked to the account.

The Teamviewer console doesn't even sort by time offline.  Although you can sort by status, it then doesn't order by how long a unit has been offline. so a unit being offline for 2 hours could sit below a unit which has been offline for a few minutes in the list

Bearing in mind that this information must be logged and accessible, it makes sense to incorporate this into the management console as currently the status information is too vague.

Paul Harris