Author Topic: TeamViewer_13 Preview for Linux not displaying GUI - any ideas why?  (Read 4669 times)


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Evening, all.

Normally, this is something I wouldn't have considered except as a last resort.

I use the TV 'tarball', along with a couple of modified start-up scripts, in the TeamViewer packages I build for the Puppy Linux community. For quite some time, upgrading these has been pretty straight-forward.

However, the new TV 13 for Linux is, as I understand it, the first release to have 'gone native'. In other words, it's no longer running the Windows code under WINE. Which is to be applauded; yes!

Trying to get the little beggar running, though, is proving a bit of a head-scratcher. Every attempt to start it is met with a 'segfault' error code in the terminal. (Puppy doesn't run TeamViewer as a full install; it essentially runs in 'Portable' mode, since Puppy runs fully in RAM for the duration of the session; many of our users run Puppy entirely as a 'LiveCD'. I package TeamViewer as what's known as an 'SFS' package; a 'Squash File System', which can be 'loaded' or 'unloaded' on-the-fly, utilising some clever code developed by one of our forum members, several years ago.)

Because it runs in 'Portable' mode, Pup also doesn't use the daemon, either.

Did I, or did I not, hear somewhere that Qt5 is now a requirement? Or was that my imagination?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Mike.  ;)
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