Author Topic: Verson 13 - reverse screen sharing (remote control)  (Read 5106 times)


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Verson 13 - reverse screen sharing (remote control)
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:33:25 AM »
Hello, I have  trouble to have share the screen from the initiating (!) party.

Background: my father accidentily upgraded to v13 and I - usually maintaining his Mac - have only v12 (and cannot upgrade due to my OSx version). So he basically locked himself out.

the only way I figured to help him is that HE initiates a session with his downward-capable v13 to my v12 and then allows ME to look at his screen and control his computer (and downgrading him to v12).

In the older version there was always the option to temporarily change directions. Unfortunately, he could not find such option and was reading out all menu entries to me but with no luck.

Can somebody be so kind to tell me, if and where this option is now on v13 (or even make a screenshot?)?

Thanks in advance!