Author Topic: WebDAV access through Teamviewer connection?  (Read 4230 times)


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WebDAV access through Teamviewer connection?
« on: September 17, 2019, 10:57:16 PM »
My Teamviewer remote control with "normal" GUI from Win7 notebook (client) to Win7 DesktopPC (server) works without problems.

However what I sometimes additionally need is a kind of pure files/directory access-only onto the remote computer.

The problem is that my DesktopPC is in an inhouse LAN which in turn is behind a cable network (router).
Since this cable network works NOT with IPv4 but with a special DSlite protocol I cannot use the "common" techniques to access
the remote desktop pc with "net use" commands or something like that.

I prefer not to use a VPN.

So I am investigating at first a way to access the remote desktop pc through a teamviewer connection

Transferring many files through the TeamViewer GUI is on the long-term unhandy and cumbersome.
I don't need GUI for this task which slows down transfer speed of files.

So I would like to ask for a solution.

How can I browse through a remote dir tree and transfer files in bulk through a teamviewer connection WITHOUT (activated) GUI?

An almost perfect way would be if I could use an existing teamviewer connection and enter a WEBDAV command on top.
This way I could mount a remote directory locally on my notebook as new drive in Windows Explorer.

Is this possible?