Author Topic: How to submit a support ticket to Teamviewer  (Read 241017 times)


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How to submit a support ticket to Teamviewer
« on: August 23, 2011, 01:28:06 AM »
This board was created by a Teamviewer user to centralize support options for the Teamviewer community that uses both the the free and paid version.
This board has been fortunate enough to have several Teamviewer members join and offer assistance when they can.
Thank you to them.

That said they don't always have time to monitor these boards and offer help, Teamviewer does offer a ticket system for the private user:
You can navigate to this page and submit a ticket
choose "private" category then "next", then fill out the form and submit.

Keep in mind that support questions for the free version may take some time to be answered so please, post your issue in the appropriate board here, you may find one of the community members can answer the issue quickly and add the resolution if received from the support team.

An additional method for getting answers is to post to the Teamviewer official Facebook page, they often are able to answer more quickly:

If either case, if you submit and receive and response, please post it back here to the forum so that other may benefit.

Thanks for participating !

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