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Connection Question
« on: August 21, 2019, 11:50:21 AM »
I'm running TeamViewer 14.4.2669 in Debian 10 Buster.

One of my machines is installed in a different city where my son and grandchildren live. It has separate user accounts for each of them, a sudoer account for me, and I can also ssh in to the root account if necessary.

I'm having difficulty establicshing a robust TeamViewer connection mechanism between here and there.

If I start TeamViewer from my sudoer account in person in that other city, it comes up with "Allow Remote Control ID X XXX XXX XXX on which I've installed a personal password". From my location back here, I can then access that machine in that other city from TeamViewer with no problem.

However, if I logout from that machine so one of the grandkids can get on, the TeamViewer session drops out and I can no longer connect.

I've tried going to the Command Line Interface at my location back here and SSHing to their machine and then entering:
   export DISPLAY=:0
   nohup teamviewer &
It starts TeamViewer on the grandkids' machine, but with "Allow Remote Control ID Y YYY YYY YYY" ( where Y YYY YYY YYY does not equal X XXX XXX XXX ), and ONLY if I'm loggen in personally there. So that idea didn't work.

I need to be able to login at odd hours to check the remote machine's status. I can do that via SSH if necessary, but TeamViewer would be nicer.

Any suggestions?