Author Topic: How to setup "easy access", "unattended" PC without storing my username on it?  (Read 4972 times)


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I've read some posts which suggest that my Username/Password is not necessary to be on the "controlled" computer.   I like this.

However, what if it is my grandma's computer?   I cannot count on her to "launch" the right program (TeamViewer) and setup the machine so I can connect to it.

I would like to setup her computer to be "easy access" for my account.  Can this be done without ever using/storing my user/pass on her computer?

I performed the following:

1)  Install TeamViewer on a "to be controlled" PC
2)  Enable "Start TeamViewer with Windows"

     a)  then I did NOT log in to my account

3)  Lastly on my own PC,   I logged into my web account and added the computer by ID

Ok, I can remote control it at this point.

However, the option "Assigned to ...."  is not getting "checked".   

Question 1:         What exactly does this setting "mean", and what functionality/features am I missing by not assigning this PC to my account?

Question 2:        Can I "assign" it without logging in from it?

Question 3:        Can I setup "easy access" without logging in from it?