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Never been a commercial user...but....
« on: May 08, 2019, 09:52:31 AM »
I am a regular T.V user , but only for home purposes.
I have 3 laptops at home(diff. floors) and I communicate with them regularly rather than climbing up or down the stairs ( ha ha ....I am lazy)
each time I start T.V, it 'thinks' I am using it commercially and warns me.
No damage done, after the warning I can just go ahead and do my stuff.
I also have my work PC  ON (24X 7) , and at times I use it to get reminders and stuff like that (No actual work, but just reminders, or interesting internet links)

Issue is, I am NOT using it for commercial benefits at all !
But T.V does not understand that and 'assumes' I am. so each time, I get presented a pop-up where the A.I thinks it's right.
as stated, no damage done , I can go through and do all my stuff.
But I am in Love with T.V (aaaaaarggh ... ;)) , I also remember having a chat with it's owner a long time ago when half of the planet did not know what T.V was.
I used T.V at that time to converse with  my parents and take care of their PC remotely . (Yes I am an obideient son too......ha ha)

I had explained my 'Issue' to the owner then , I think it was 2006-2007 ..I could be wrong here, and the owner had explained, if its your parents you want to help, go ahead.

anyway cut a long story short...T.V assumes I use T.V for commercial purposes, while I know I dont
I dont mind at all paying T.V for all the fun I have had all these years....but how do I repay them without going into complex licensing Issues, because I am NOT a commercial user of T.V.
Neither am I a millionaire...just a Family man with a salary But I understand that T.V is not the Red Cross neither the U.N (running on charity)

I want to let T.V know I am an ardent Fan , want to pay for the Gratitude I owe them but do not want to get into complex licensing Issues because I use it only for Family purposes( while the AI thinks I am not)

at the end of the day, Maybe I shouldn't be here at all !
but that chat with the owner some 15 yrs. back ...when T.V was not the T.V is today  , who allowed a son to help his parents , has brought me here after all these years to vent it like it is.
I want to pay , but a token ammount to T.V .
so how do we go from here ?
or shall I keep my mouth shut and just carry on the way it is  :)