Author Topic: Quickly timed out of connections or being accused of commercial use ?  (Read 14363 times)


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There have been reports across different media outlets that folks are being timed out of teamviewer connections within 10 seconds to 2 minutes or being accused of commercial use when they are in fact not using the software commercially.

There are several fixes that have worked:
For windows users having the timing out issue the trick that seems to have worked is to download the interviewer APP from the Microsoft Store .
try the Microsoft store
Install then run the app and sign in, all your remote systems will be listed, the GUI is slightly different but it works( or has been working without issue so far).

If that doesn't work you can try to manually change you Teamviewer ID:

A last resolution that has worked for some and is more drastic and (honestly) questionable and a last resort , is to use a piece of software to reset your Team Viewer ID:
This is more of a HACK the requires some navigation through some sites to get the software. 
Use this method at your own risk, ONLY YOU are responsible for anything that results in attempting this:
I have used a hack to reset it and seems to work for a week or so.
Read the comments for two other links for how to download and use, it can take a bit.
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