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Title: TeamViewer 6 Beta reboot password
Post by: Darkwing on December 04, 2010, 12:10:09 AM
It seems that there are a couple of little bugs that are causing me some grief with the new beta version and I'm curious if anyone else has had similar issues.

Ok, there's three versions of Ver 6 instead of the two in version 5.
In 5 there was a Quick Support Module that you installed on customer computers, and the technician module that you installed on your machine. In six they've added a 'host' module that you install on computers that are under your control on a permanent basis.

This is all well and good but. . . Unless they have fixed it very recently there tends to be a problem of not being able to boot out of safe mode when using the Quick Support module. This can be somewhat problematic sometimes during virus removal and diagnostic testing procedures.

Another problem with the Beta version of the Quick Support Module is that when you remotely reboot the computer it should restart with the same password it had on the original connect. I've had hit and miss luck with it rebooting and letting me back in. Often having to ask the customer to give me the new password so I can continue the session.

I understand the QSM is supposed to generate a new password every time the program is started but when properly rebooted through the TV software a technician should be able to get back into a remotely rebooted computer.

I'm going to post a submission to their beta feedback team but I thought I'd ask if anyone else was experiencing the same issues.