Author Topic: keyboard on main PC killed by TeamViewer connection  (Read 1700 times)


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keyboard on main PC killed by TeamViewer connection
« on: January 15, 2016, 03:24:28 PM »
Okay, here's an odd one I'm not seeing here.  I'm hosting a TV11 remote conenection from a Windows 10 system to a new system installing Windows 10 and updates.  As this is like watching water boil, I tend to game while I wait.  Twice, while the remote connection rebooted I chose wait for partner and went back to The Witcher 3. (have not experienced this with other games, but also haven't been system building during a different game session)  As soon as the partner machine reconnects, it kicks me out of Witcher, throwing up the in game menu.  Going back into the game I can then still use the mouse, but have absolutely no keyboard function.  This means having to force boot the host system because the game can no longer be exited nor played in any manner.
Current workaround is to just leave the remote connection off and watch for the other machine to indicate it's back up before logging back in.  I've never experienced this before (hobby use) and find it inconvenient.  Can anyone tell me why this is happening?