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Configuring Permanent Access
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:04:13 PM »
We have a scenario where we would like several people to be able to login to our host PC from their remote locations, and as long as the access ID and password stay the same, there is no problem. But when Teamviewer changes the ID and/or the password, now someone has to notify those remote users that there is a new ID, and if they are not notified, their old login information doesn't work.

I am looking at a pdf entitled "Teamviewer - Configuring Permanent Access". It shows clicking on an item during setup called "Configure Permanent Access on this computer". If that could be done, the remote users wouldn't have to be notified, because it sounds as if the ID would be...well, permanent. But I am running Teamviewer 13 and I don't see that option.

How can that be done, or is that a feature that is not available anymore?