Author Topic: "Connect to Partner" button is disabled.  (Read 5905 times)


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"Connect to Partner" button is disabled.
« on: November 30, 2016, 09:20:47 AM »

I had this issue in TV 11, so I upgraded to 12 hoping that would fix it.
But I'm still having the issue.

I'm running Windows 10. TV was working on this computer for years until a few days ago.

The Connect To Partner button is disabled (greyed out) as well as the Remote Control and File Transfer radio buttons, and I the PartnerID drop down combo box is also disabled. 

I cannot connect to this computer from any other pc using TV (msg says TV is not running on partner computer)

TV says Ready to Connect (secure connection) and my ID and random pswd are shown.  I can also generate a new random pswd.

I cannot find anything via Google on this issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.