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Hi. Firstly, I love teamviewer Android, it's great. Great, but flawed like everything in life!  :)
The flaws are few but there are some that I'm surprised you've overlooked.
Is it possible, or, can I make the following suggestions fact I'll stop there. I'll just explain what I'm going on about.
There is only one flaw that irks me a lot right now. I'll write on that only.

1. When I choose a file transfer operation from a computer on my home network, can I please have an option to continue the copy in the background, so that I don't have to wait. I find, if I leave the screen and go chrome or some other app, when I return teamviewer invariably gets stuck on a spinning circle(arrrggghhhhh!!!!) Or freezes. It certainly doesn't seem comfortable with my leaving it do work on something else.


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