Author Topic: TeamViewer Service Notification for Channel Limits and Exceedances  (Read 5707 times)


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It would be very useful to know when channel limits have been reached in the full licensed version of TeamViewer and what ID was refused, along with date and time.

At present, I receive an email notification from TeamViewer with the following statement:


We recently contacted you regarding channel limits. With respect to that, we would like to keep you updated on any ongoing TeamViewer licensing shortages.

Since our last communication on 03-Feb-2016, there have been 10 further temporary connection channel exceedances, meaning further connections to your customers were not possible at that specific time.

Concerned group: Main License

If your needs have changed and you would like to take advantage of additional simultaneous connections going forward, please know that you can purchase additional channels at any time. You can either visit our TeamViewer Online Shop for more information or give our expert sales team a call if you need some advice on your requirements.

Thank you - and again, we wish you continued success using TeamViewer!

Best regards,

Your TeamViewer Team

However, it would be much more useful to understand each and every connection as to who it was that attempted the connection (ID), along with the date and time of the attempt. The Management Console already provides details of all successful connections, which is very useful. Unfortunately, it doesn't detail these missed connections which doesn't help me understand who it was that was refused and query it further.

Understanding this would help me gauge whether it's worth the extra outlay to increase our channel licenses. Without this information, I'm reliant on end users notifying me, which is not a reliable source. Therefore, I have no choice not to increase the license as I don't have enough information to base any justification for the extra cost.

I have been told by TeamViewer Support that this is a Feature Enhancement Request for a future release but they have no timescales at present. If more people request this feature, it will be released sooner. With the lack of an official forum, I'm posting here in the hope that others will see this and agree it's a useful FER and feedback to TeamViewer accordingly and maybe it will be bumped up their development roadmap.


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Re: TeamViewer Service Notification for Channel Limits and Exceedances
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I normally find that when I get such an email it is because I am logged into multiple computers. I try an make a point of logging off as I walk away...