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Title: Serious shortcomings with TeamViewer Manager 6, and Team Viewer
Post by: CSG_Support on November 07, 2011, 04:44:39 PM
First: Engineering needs to fix two very serious failings with TeamViewer Manger for Mac.
These are not acceptible !

1. After setting up a password for TeamViewer Manager (TVM from here on out),
when launching TVM, I have to point it at the TeamViewer folder location every time, ie:

Really ? TVM remembers my customized database location (see point 2 below) after password-protecting
the app, why are you failing to code the app to remember the (default !) location of the TeamViewer application.
C'mon guys, this was a foolish oversight.

2. The default location of the database for TeamViewer Manager appears to be ~/Library/Logs/TeamViewer Manager
... ? Really ? Is that intentional ? I don't believe I did anything to customize it when I first began to use it.
No user data files should be stored in a Log folder !!  :o

I look forward to these things being fixed.

As for TeamViewer (the console app) for Mac: You provide a quick menu-option to check for updates in the Windows host version of the client software, how about adding that same option to the TeamViewer or Help menu of the TeamViewer application ?

Thanks !