Author Topic: "Your partner rejected your connection request" Error  (Read 6008 times)


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"Your partner rejected your connection request" Error
« on: November 05, 2015, 03:50:19 AM »
After giving my Motorola Droid 4 (XT894) permission to use TeamViewer 11 to connect to my Win10 HP-15 laptop, I clicked the Remote Control button on the laptop screen and encountered the prompt "Your partner rejected your connection request." I'm able to do all sorts of other things between the phone and laptop such as chat and file transfer etc., but I'm not able to mirror.

Contrast that with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (T989), which performs the remote mirroring and everything else flawlessly.

Both phones are rooted with 4.1.2 (JellyBean), and are equipped with mostly the same apps. One notable difference between them is that I didn't receive a prompt to install an add-on plugin for the Droid, but I did download and install a plugin specifically made for Samsung phones when I installed TV for my Samsung. However, I still couldn't get the remote session to work after experimenting with installing/uninstalling the Samsung plugin on my Droid.

Anyone have an idea as to why the Droid is not mirroring as expected? Thanks.