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problems with secondary monitor
« on: November 29, 2015, 06:31:02 AM »
so the problem is the following:
At work I use 27inch comp and I want to access it from home. Now, at home i use a tiny 13inch laptop and unless I change all the font sizes on my work comp, I cannot practically use the remote access. For that purpose i want to use a secondary monitor that I connect to the laptop via HDMI and view the remote session there. When I start the session, everything works if the session window remains on the laptop. If I move the session to the secondary monitor everything freezes - I cannot use fullscreen (it doesn't stretch it), the commands do not work - all in all the remote desktop is completely unresponsive. If I move it back again, it works perfectly.
I have to mention that TV worked via HDMI a while back for a very brief period of time. I have no idea, what happened (i didn't do anything that i remember to cause it), but it soon after stopped working again (this happens with several different monitors)
i use ubuntu 14.04

any ideas?