Author Topic: Scroll on touchpad results in back/undo?  (Read 7691 times)


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Scroll on touchpad results in back/undo?
« on: March 29, 2017, 08:26:36 AM »
It doesn't seem to matter which OS I TV into or from, if I am using my XPS laptop and TV from Linux to Windows 10 or I boot up W10 on my laptop and TV into any host for that matter, using 2-finger scrolling only sometimes scrolls but many times it starts to revert previous steps such as going back in the browser tab, closing tabs that were recently open or vice versa and the worst is when I have gone through all my email, spam/junk and basic cleanup and then while reading another email in Thunderbird and scrolling down it only scrolls for a few seconds then starts undoing everything I previously did but without any way of knowing how far back this has put me.

It's very hard to work this way but I can't find a feature that would describe this and how to turn it off.  This only happens when using TV, other remote apps I've tested don't have this behavior. Any help is appreciated thanks.