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Teamviewer for Windows / Re: Can this be done?
« Last post by Admin on November 28, 2020, 03:54:39 PM »
All I'm finding is using Windows remote desktop, it seems if you upgraded each to windows 10 its doable:
Since Windows 7 is no longer supported it says windows 10 but steps may work with windows 7.

Additionally, this article form parkland college indicates both W7/10

I haven't looked into it deeply but it may be worth checking.

I know you don't want it on the internet, not sure if that is a privacy issue or logistics of getting internet...
if its internet availability you could create a hotspot on a phone or tablet device that each computer connects to and use Teamviewer.

Teamviewer for Windows / Can this be done?
« Last post by Greg_M on November 01, 2020, 03:13:11 PM »
I have an observatory with a telescope in it.
I need to run all the equipment in the observatory with the computer.
About 75' away is a small shack we call "the warm room".
 What I want to do is hook both computers together with a single LAN cable.
I do not want this on the internet.
I want to sit at the computer in the warm room and run the computer in the observatory just as though I am sitting at the computer in the observatory with no internet involved.
I want to see on the monitor in the warm room, what is going on with the computer in the observatory.
I want to use the mouse in the warm room to click on stuff on the computer in the observatory.
I also want to use the keyboard in the warm room in the same fashion.

I have been trying to figure this out all day and have Teamviewer installed on both Win7 Pro computers, on the dining room table.
I have the controller computer hooked to the observatory computer through a switch.
Can I not use a switch or router?
So far it's not working.

Will/can this work like I want it to?

Teamviewer for Windows / Re: Help --- "Trusted" Device Email not returned to me
« Last post by Coover on September 03, 2020, 12:33:25 PM »
Disregard previous ... all of a sudden eight (yes, 8) "Trust this Device" Emails showed up at once in Outlook. Why this happened, however, is a question I would like to ask either TeamViewer or Gmail?
Teamviewer for Windows / Help --- "Trusted" Device Email not returned to me
« Last post by Coover on September 03, 2020, 12:26:26 PM »
I recently purchased two "new to me" computers and deleted the two they replaced from my account and I am trying to assign them to my account. After loging in and giving them my password, Team Viewer says they will send an email for me to verify that I am who I am and the machine(s) is/are "trusted". I never receive the email. I check my Junk E-mail folder, I check my "Spam" folder, i check my "Trash' folder, and of coure, I check my "Inbox" ... nothing there from Team Viewer. Since I am using Outlook, an email client which is part of Office 2019, I also go to the gmail website and sign in there just in case, for whatever reason, the email was not transferred. I DO NOT FIND THE EMAIL. I try to go to TeamViewer support, and they ask me to login. i do and they tell me they will send me an email. I do not get that email. I can't contact anybody ... except for members of this forum.

What do I need to do now?
Teamviewer for Windows / Re: Newcomer's Question
« Last post by chalessmith on August 18, 2020, 03:29:25 AM »
After full logout, someone will be able to access your PC, unless you accept it.
Have you got an answer to this, if you please share this problem, I want to solve this problem.

1. I have TeamViewer installed on several Windows PCs (of family, friends, current and former coworkers) that I figured I might need remote access to some day.
2. Most of these installs have older versions of TeamViewer that are now deprecated.
3. The time has come that I now need to support several of these PCs.
4. I now learn that TeamViewer has completely disabled all functionality with these older versions of Teamviewer.
5. The remote users DO NOT have administrative access to their computers.
6. I DO have the administrative credentials to these computers.
7. I DO NOT want to give the remote users administrative access.
8. These PCs are in remote locations that I WILL NOT HAVE PHYSICAL ACCESS TO any time soon.
9. In the old days of Teamviewer, there used to be a method where you could update a remote install of Teamviewer by supplying the administrative credentials, and then letting Teamviewer essentially perform an unattended in-place upgrade.  For some inexplicable reason, Teamviewer seems to have disabled even this functionality.
10. I can get the remote user to download and run the latest Teamviewer under their limited user account, and I can successfully connect, but then any time an administrative task is required, I cannot see the Windows UAC window asking for administrative credentials.  This is expected behavior as Teamviewer is not running as a program with administrative access.
11. Even if I could somehow see the UAC prompt, how could I upgrade the old version of Teamviewer (in Program Files) while the new version of Teamviewer is running under the limited user's profile?  The Teamviewer install program seems to detect whether a Teamviewer instance is already running, and won't let you install while Teamviewer is running.  I suppose the answer to this is to temporarily setup another remote access program under the local user account, but then I still have the UAC issue.


Is there any method that anyone has discovered to update a deprecated Teamviewer version on a remote computer for which I have the admin credentials?  Can I start a full unattended update from the command prompt, perhaps, supplying the necessary administrative credentials ahead of time?
Teamviewer for Windows / Re: Team viewer desktop position
« Last post by acooldozen on April 06, 2020, 08:02:36 AM »
6 months later and no response. Is this forum monitored by anyone. I see very few questions answered!
Teamviewer for Windows / Re: How to Surpress Popup Message on Remote Computer
« Last post by Helping on February 29, 2020, 07:54:57 PM »
I help my 95 years old father. He never touch his computer. We have a script to make the computer auto answer when we call. But he always say, there is a square over your face.

How to avoid it...

Like you said, it is ok on my side, but not on the other side.
Teamviewer for Windows / Re: Newcomer's Question
« Last post by aradii on February 17, 2020, 09:30:56 AM »
Hi guys, Sorry for my newbie question but I did not know anything about Teamviewer, until today, I had to give a guy at work the access to my PC to help me to set up something. I am kinda worried now. I deleted Teamviewer immediately after everything was done. I wonder if he can still access my PC? Help please, Thank you.
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